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xxxHOLiC Shunmuki Part 1 February 16, 2009

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What a great day!! Enjoy!!

*have to write more impressions later. gotta rush out for a bit!*

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yuuko, A Dream??

Cutie Kohane

The Bird Ladies!

Okay, finally am home! I’ve watched the video again and guess what? It was VERY GOOD! Love it and I want more!

I’m not gonna spoil everything especially that this is just an installment I just wanna point out several things that really was etched in my mind and the feeling it left in me.

I felt nostalgic even with just the thought of seeing HOLiC up and running again!  The animation quality is just superb and the way the story was stitched is really commendable.

I adore how everyone’s so cuute~! Yuuko, Mokona, Kohane, they’re just awesome!

I also like the part when Watanuki was so flushed trying to thank Doumeki for the first time!  And Yuuko as well, she hasn’t thanked Watanuki ever! This is the first! ^6^

However, I was really saddened on that flashback under the rain… Watanuki’s holding a dead cat and said… “I’m also gonna die like this…. alone.” Yaaaay! ( I stole my friend’s exact words! Fufufufu!) It’s really very helpful when you have some Japanese friend watching with you! Thanks Kay-kun! :3

And Quinn-chan was right, those bird ladies were not in the manga! It was supposed to be the book worms isn’t it? Or was I just confused and it’s in the Kei? But definitely it wasn’t!  Thanks to the fish food, their asses were saved!  Still the credit goes to Doumeki!

Lastly, I love the new Shunmuki Opening Theme.  It’s Suga Shikao’s “Sofa.”  Overall the opening was simple I can’t really qoute it but it left something remarkable!

Moeeeeeee! I want more!!! <3 <3 <3


Thanks to Chibi Yuuto for the link! ^_____^

Can’t play the video? Double click on it and it’ll automatically lead you to the original site!


Seems like Kodansha Ltd. requested the video to be removed from the Japanese site. Thank goodness there’s Youtube! ^^;

And I guess I found a better site! ^~^/


13 Responses to “xxxHOLiC Shunmuki Part 1”

  1. Quinn Says:

    THANK YOU, Fairchild-chan!!!♥ ♥

    I was going crazy (:cry:) because I didn’t have a media player that could open the MP4 file that Chibi Yuuto had provided. ♥You♥ saved the day! (^_^)/

    I was surprised at how emotional I still found the scene by the riverbank :-( and how they added the explantation at the end regarding the bird ladies. I definitely don’t remember something similiar happening in the manga!8O

  2. Quinn Says:

    I am looking forward to hearing them. ^ ^

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :3

  4. Quinn Says:

    I actually couldn’t have said it better myself. LOL

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Haha! Btw, be sure to keep VLC Media player handy. It hasn’t failed me yet! ^____^

  6. Quinn Says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip, techie-Fairchild. XD I just Dl’d it.

    Now if you ever take a vaca from your site I won’t be left in the dark if any more mp4 files appear. ^^

  7. Mirrankei Says:

    The part with the birds is definitely in the manga. It’s during the part where Watanuki keeps slipping off into dreams, and he can’t tell which parts were real and which weren’t. (Specifically, chapter 141:
    http://www.onemanga.com/xxxHolic/141/ )

    See, I went and reread that part after I saw it. XD

    Can’t wait for subtitles! :D

  8. ggctuk Says:

    “Bird ladies”? Is that where Domeki and Watanuki pass the hotel filled with them, afterwards Domeki remarks that he killed and ate birds in his class? That was in the manga, forget the exact chapter. Can’t wait to see it cross with TRC, and I hope CCS Syaoran and Sakura appear!

  9. Quinn Says:

    Yeah the bird ladies were in the manga and as Mirrankei says it was in chapter 141 but as you can see from the last page http://www.onemanga.com/xxxHolic/141/14/ the manga never went into detail of how Watanuki suddenly thought these women=birds.

    In the anime it was explained that the idea came from a book he had been reading/looked at.

    Fairchild, I like that you added more to your comment regarding this ep and you even changed the opening track to the song featured in Holic. =)

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