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Shugo Chara!! Doki [70] February 13, 2009


It was Rima’s really cute filler episode! First love? And she just turned into uhm… sorry I didn’t get her age but definitely it was her birthday!!! ^^

This Episode…

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Chocolate Dream!

Tadase x Amu

Chocolates from Heaven!

Episode 70:  I Hate These Stupid Chocolates!?

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Amu’s Class underwent a special chocolate-making session under the famous French Chef, Lulu’s Dad, not to mention that there’s a contest on the V-Day itself!

Amu came into fancying lots and lots of chocolates Tadase would be receiving.  She definitely is not the best in cooking, rather it’s her weakness (reason why Suu was born in the first place) but she tried her hardest!

Yukina, a classmate had this huge crush on Daisuke on the same class but he openly declares to be hating chocolates.  Though discouraged, she kept trying to make the best chocolate she could for him.  But each time, she got turned down by the guy’s action.  Dejectedly, she almost gave up.

Lulu of course took over and so…Chocolate Dream appeared, spreading and turning things into chocolates and alluring people to eat chocolates.  However, she couldn’t make them a bit happier. Amu made her realize what she did and managed to turn her as she was.  That, in exchange of the chocolates she worked so hard for intended for Tadase.

Meanwhile, Utau was depressed for the fact that she couldn’t locate Ikuto and hand him her present.  There he was in an area drained out and wasted because of the X-energy from the violin with no one but Yoru and the cat friends as company.

Back at school, a Valentine’s special was being held…sort of a match-making game and finally the winners for the chocolate-making contest was announced.  Yukina did won and unexpectedly Daisuke cheered up on her too making her very happy!  He came to accept her chocolates in the end while Amu couldn’t give anything to Tadase because of the incident. Haha!

The good thing is,  Ikuto received the chocolates which came from heaven, the one that flew out of Amu’s pocket during the fight!  Moe! But poor him!

Random Babblings…

Poor Ikuto…! And how long will these filler episodes last?

Ah at least I see Kairi back on the next episode! Yayyy! Missed him! <3

Happy V-Day everyone!!! ^_____^


4 Responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki [70]”

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  2. strawberryporridge Says:

    Ahh loved this episode!
    Thanks for the upload!!!
    But I still think there needs to be more Ikuto!

  3. dinii kangendt dy Says:

    it’s perfaict shugo chara…!!!???

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