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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 213 February 11, 2009


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Looking back…

We have just learned of another shocking mystery shrouding the TRC!

The ruins which had sprung from the Clow Country is actually Tokyo’s two towering structures!

This Chapter…

Even the feather that the Princess Sakura purposely left in Tokyo (to protect the only life sustaining water reservoir) caught evil Fei Wong Reed’s attention and is determined to have it at any cost!

That very feather which carries with it the unparalleled power…

Now that his dreams could be fully realized, the chains that have been linking the dimensions has been severed and that would defy the world’s most basic law… that the dead can’t be brought in to life again.


As Kurogane and the rest of the gang can’t move, so is this chapter… just crazy illustrations once again… nothing new. *sigh*

However, I’m so eager to find out what would be the effect of the severed dimension links to each of the characters including Watanuki.

Can Yuuko not do something about it?


6 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 213”

  1. Quinn Says:

    I loved the end of this chapter! How great was it to see the effect that last feather had on the different dimensions?Will they be sucked into a black hole?

    I bet Yuko’s shop has the answer. It was made for the BIG event that was to come. What could be bigger then the threads seperating the worlds destroyed? Do I really want to know that answer? *hmmmm*

  2. sarah Says:

    oh this looks exciting too (:
    i want to watch it so bad right now

  3. wrdo Says:

    anyone have any theories on who Fei Wong is trying to bring back? My money’s on Clow Reed.

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