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Kobato: Drop 12-B February 11, 2009

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Our adorable Kobato meddled in the heated conversation which took place between Sayaka’s ex-husband Okiura and Fujimoto-kun.

This Chapter…

Okiura implied Kobato as interesting but up to what extent is unknown. He even dropped the moment for her sake. But Fujimoto told him never to come back and got warned instead to flee if he doesn’t want to come across him again.

Kobato picked up the still lighted cigarette Okiura had thrown and Fujimoto snatched it away from her, fumbled on it and ended up getting hurt.  Kobato said something about Fujimoto being hurt (not physically, I suppose) and he took it as overreacting.

In her room, Kobato recalled her encounters with Fujimoto and she came into a realization…! She then sang  a sad tune which had reached Ioryogi and the Old Bear’s bird. A song that expresses just how she felt at the moment.  

Random Babblings…

Okay, I’ve been really busy idling and I haven’t taken care of this place for a while… gomen! But I’ll try my best to update the site with new articles hopefully.

Now, while waiting for the scanlated version, do check out StarLady’s translations [ here ] and thanks to Undini for the treat!

Kobato is really so cute! And I like how she had come to realize that something’s totally different with her affections towards Fujimoto! Could it be that she’s in love with him? But how can she cure him?  It’d be a taboo!


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