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Spoiler: TRC 213 February 8, 2009

Spoilers this way!

Spoilers this way!

This week’s TRC chapter might prove to be stucked up as there’s not one new a news to it.

It’s just that ol’ Tokyo scene from the what we’ve seen before.

Chapter 213.


Unequaled Strength/Power

– – –

Even the feather that has sunken in the Metropolitan Government Office’s underground will be taken as well.

Fei Wong Reed defies logic, the logic which states the impossibility of reviving the dead.

– – –

Babbles… Babbles…

It still remains a mystery of who Fei Wong Reed needed to recall from the dead to have gone through all these trouble, messing up with time and toying with other peoples lives for the very purpose.

So… this chapter promises to be another uneventful one but I do hope it would be nothing like that.  CLAMP is so fond of surprises so I guess let’s have a wait and see.


2 Responses to “Spoiler: TRC 213”

  1. ggctuk Says:

    Ooh, Sunday spoilers. Haven’t seen them in ages. So it appears Tokyo and Clow Country are the same world? That would explain the feather. But then, why would Mokona sense it – he couldn’t sense it back then?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Yeah! :) Definitely they are one and the same. That wing-like structure in the ruins has kept a deeper secret than it should really have but that’s how amazing CLAMP is. They love to scatter spoilers on every pages of their craft and beat you up badly with suspense and when you know the answer had already been laid at your feet for the longest time!

      I knew it would only be the feather left since Sakura intentionally left it there and you’ve got a point. Mokona should have easily identified if the feather’s from Tokyo since they all were present that time and they have been to Clow Country several times and not a feather was collected.

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