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Shugo Chara!! Doki [69] February 6, 2009

Looking back…

The self-proclaimed idol at Seiyo Gakuen who despises Amu and treats her as her ultimate rival definitely wants to be Amu herself?

This Episode….


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Happy Birthday Rima!

Rima's First Love Confession?

The Joyous Birthday Girl!

Episode 69: First Love? Love Attack!


The episode started with Rima meeting some guy along the way to school and the air smelled fishy for a while. Something’s going on…what could it be?

At school, the Guardians gave Rima the paper works that needs to be taken cared of while they take care of the matters at the Royal Garden first. And so, it was Rima’s birthday and they are preparing a surprise party for her!

Here comes the guy entering the Royal Garden looking for a Guardian and it was soon found out that he gave Rima a loveletter and was anxious enough to know her reaction.  The guardians ended up helping him figure out ways to express his feelings towards Rima personally.

Rima was contemplative of the letter she had received but was determined to finish the paper works as had been asked of her.  The teacher offered her help but Kusukusu shooed him away.

Now the time has come to set up a date between the guy *didn’t get his name…Sushima…whatever! ah, Kirishima! (thanks stranger…was doing something else while watching) * and Rima for the confession to take place but while waiting, he grew more and more anxious that Lulu got to him first and turned him into Heart Dream First Love Dream (I’m exceptionally deaf today, my bad)!  His powers could make everyone blurt out unwillingly their innermost feelings and secrets particularly in love. Nagihiko almost said aloud of him being Nadeshiko if not for Tadase who was struck by the spell too himself!

Amu managed to turn him back with Rima’s help and so the confession took place.  He finally said it but Rima graciously declined. Anyways, he got invited to her bash and everyone’s really happy.

Eru and Iru were present and some signed autograph of Rima’s favorite gag actor made her light up courtesy of Utau and she was delighted most with the boy’s gift!

Random Babblings…

Phew! I thought my Rima-Hiko delusion would be over! Haha!  Poor Nagi I know how hard it is to keep some deeper secret!


6 Responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki [69]”

  1. stranger Says:

    The boy’s name is Fuyuki Kirishima.

  2. stranger Says:

    And he became “Hatsu koi Dream” (means First Love Dream)

  3. strawberryporridge Says:

    Ohh thanks for the upload, I was just wondering where did you get this layout it’s really pretty!

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Hi Strawberryporridge! Thanks for dropping by!
    Hehe, just played a little with the html to match the theme!
    Thank you again, I’m so glad someone likes it! ^_______^

  5. Didn’t know about it. Very nice information. Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

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