Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Spoiler: TRC 212 February 3, 2009


Spoilers this way!

I have no excuse for posting Fai’s picture but hell this is still Tsubasa we’re talking about! He’s too gorgeous to ignore! Moe! :3

That aside, I hope it isn’t too late for spoilers on the forthcoming chapter!  I wonder why am I too lazy to post anything these past few days… I’m gonna tell you that part later!

In the meantime, a thread in a Chinese forum got this text and it’s all about Chapter 212!


Time began moving again, to the space and time where Sakura had been warped.  The muddy seal had swallowed Sakura once more.  The end point where Mokona felt the power of the feathers isn’t towards Clow but in Tokyo!

Babbles… Babbles…

Whoa! I thought the battle with the real FWR is at hand! Now, why this?

I’m not so sure of the translations but that’s what I understand amidst the hazy output of the translators! :(

One thing is for sure, the Syaoran clone was tasked to gather all the feathers therefore, it is safe to assume that he has accomplished his goal for Sakura and had been true to it.  The only feather that was left was indeed in Tokyo where the clone Sakura purposely left for the people’s protection against the acid rain.

I don’t know how Clow was even mentioned in here but there is a bigger possibility that he’s going to appear very soon.  What if his revival is Yuuko’s only wish just like FWR’s wish to revive somebody we don’t know of yet.  Let’s see where the story leads soon as the chapter comes out!

I was really caught up the fun at the new community I am in! Curious enough? Join us then!

It’s in here : The Ongaku Forums!


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