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Shugo Chara: Chapter 37 February 3, 2009

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Looking back…

Ikuto under trance caused by the X-energy his violin emits began to attack Amu and Tadase. Yoru on the other hand managed to secure the Dumpty Key and handed it to Amu.

This Chapter…

Yoru urges Amu to now unlock the Humpty Lock by means of the Dumpty Key but a strong wave of light washed over them and Amu and Tadase found themselves inside the bubbles.

It led into revealing Ikuto’s past.

Ikuto’s life has been miserable with his sick mother and missing father with a little sister left in his care.  They were taken in by Tadase’s family but they were treated badly by his mom.

The Superintendent Tsukasa, uncle to Tadase, helped Ikuto search for his father abroad.  The young kid’s notion of how bad his father was had been replaced by acceptance and therefore as the Humpty Lock unlocked, Yoru was born and Ikuto’s history has changed?

Random Babblings…

Wow! Finally a chapter is out, scanlated and fast!

There’s not much to tell about the chapter since it’s all about Ikuto’s past.  Maybe because I’m just sleepy but I just have to post this!

Poor kid, I really sympathize with him and I hope that Humpty Lock soon as it opened altered the saddest moments in Ikuto and Utau’s life for the better.

Does that mean that he was just freed from bondage and from all his obligations to that evil Kazuomi?


8 Responses to “Shugo Chara: Chapter 37”

  1. jenna whimpy Says:

    did u know that yesterday was amu’s b-day . so happy b-day to amu!!! And rima’s b-day is on friday feburary 6th. so b-day to her too

  2. Ena Says:

    It seems, next chapter will continue to tell us about Ikuto’s past and his involvement with Easter.
    Bothering thing about this manga is Amu has 3 uber-cool candidate as boyfriend XD. One is ok, two… well some characters are lucky.. but three? And all of them already confessed their feelings….*sigh*

  3. Aqua-chan Says:

    Yupyup, I’m REALLY hopeful for some Amuto action by the time this series ends.

  4. Bob Says:

    really! that is so cool! What chapter are u on?!

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