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Fairy Tail: Chapter 121 February 3, 2009


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Looking back…

Mistgun is Gerard?? The untimely and shocking revelation made Erza and himself lost their chances finish off Luxus!  Now, it’s our Natsu’s turn!

This Chapter…

Okay, I thought it’s already over for Erza but she’s still able to fight!

Natsu on the other hand started to take offensive against Luxus!  But the older guy isn’t a bit intimidated by some brat who have never beaten him in a fight.

Erza was informed of the dangers the Hall of Thunder might bring not only to them but to the townspeople as well and that there’s very little time left.  She had several ex-quips and but her new Lightning Emperor Armour rocks!!  But will she be able to stop the thing just in time?

Natsu at least managed to exchange some blows with Luxus and is still locked in a huddle with him yet he bid Erza well before she left and to Erza, she’s not going to waste the life he had saved back then.

It’s was supposed to be emotional! Darnit, that’s what I get from having lack of sleep!

Random Babblings…

Erza!! Omigosh, Erza has new ex-quips?? Not just the usual ex-quips but really awesome ex-quips!  Maybe she left Natsu the battle and run after Mistgun?  Coolest!

Come on Natsu, show us your best!


2 Responses to “Fairy Tail: Chapter 121”

  1. madi Says:

    Ooh, I haven’t read Fairy Tail in a while, I think I got to chapter 72 or something. ^______^

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