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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 53 January 31, 2009

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Looking back…

Nakbin must perish!  But why?

This Chapter…

Mura came to the Emperor for her own selfish whims!  She has betrayed Habaek to the enemy and Nakbin’s gonna be a medium to that!

Believing in the prophecy she saw in a dream, Mok Rang told the people of the revelation.  Skeptic as they were of such an inhuman prophecy but with just a life to give up for the sake of the many in the village, they soon conceded.

Hooyee came home wounded worrying Nakbin.  But somebody came asking Hooyee a favor again hunting down some ack soo in some place.  He went granting the request but it was a trick to get him away from Nakbin.  The townspeople secured her behind bars.

She learned of the divine revelation that which only her death would suffice to elude the scary fate that would befall the majority and guess from whom would that be?  She was told it was Habaek’s!

Random Babblings…

Poor Habaek, he doesn’t have anything to do with this!  It was the emperor who messed up with Mok Rang’s dream!  The black feathers are evidence enough!

I think Nakbin isn’t that kind of bitch afterall, it’s just that she was triggered to execute her revenge for Habaek because of heresay; a victim of a situation, that is.  Let just see how the story goes from hereon.


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