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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 52 January 31, 2009

Click here to read!

Click here to read!


A young girl named Mok Rang managed to meet the Water God in a dream.  He told her some top secret which could put many lives at stake!

This Chapter…

Growing into a fine young woman, Miss Mok-Rang, had been trusted with prophecies dealing with water having saved the whole village  from devastation a few years back. She hadn’t seen Habaek too since then and how she wanted to see him again.

Meanwhile, Suh Wang Mo visits the Water country to see Habaek. An utterly stunning revelation has been made!  She isn’t Habaek’s real mother! He told Wang Mo about some human who’s going to be his bride, the thing which Mura overheard!

On the other hand, Mok Rang encountered the siblings Nakbin and Hooyee which were rumored to be born from a father that isn’t human.  She recognized Nakbin as Habaek’s favored one.  However,  she received a divine revelation afterwards… that woman should be killed!

Random Babblings…

Had this on draft a few days ago but I’m quite lazy to publish it.  :(

So, Wang Mo isn’t Habaek’s mom so another question arises this time… ” Who really is Habaek?”  Things really are getting more complicated that we thought it already was!


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