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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 211 January 29, 2009

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Looking back…

Has the Syaoran clone finally bid this world, er, CLAMP Universe, goodbye for good?

This Chapter…

There’s not much to mention about this chapter since it’s all but crazy, illustrations  depicting the various emotions solicited from the beloved clone’s farewell!

All that remained are the shards, fragments of the vanished entity and the bereaved other self and friends…

Fai got his lost eye back and a part of his magic I assume, the one that was gouged out by the clone back in the fight back at the Tokyo Tower.  Kurogane handed the sword of flame to Syaoran, that which was left by the clone.

And as they sent the final blow, the Fei Wong Reed they thought he was, was actually Dr. Kyle in disguise! However, the unmasking of the dummy finally revealed the true FWR holding Sakura’s body with him!

Has the final moment arrived?

Random Babblings…

The evil guy still has many tricks on his sleeves!  Who would have expected the guy in the mirror wasn’t him!  Did the small group finally found him? I mean, the real him?

Dr. Kyle, remember?  I don’t understand why would he risk his life for Fei Wong Reed’s sake?  Is he any relation or something?  I’m so sure he himself got a wish and how great is that wish that he has been willing  sell his soul to the devil?

Fai’s magic is back and his left eye as well!  I thought there’d never be a chance to regain his beautiful face as long as the distorion caused by Syaoran’s wish lingers and I doubt everything would be back to normal again…ever.


5 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 211”

  1. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    I knew it… I had a feeling that was a trick, but I didn’t expect it would be Dr. Kyle though. And I am very, very happy to see Fai got his magic back and see his beautyful face again. Now that my wish come true *happy-hyper*… I hope we get to see the real Sakura wake up and kill FWR soon =]

  2. Ena Says:

    I even didn’t realize that person was Dr. Kyle, I had completely forgotten such character. Argh… manga is going just so slow-paced for me to remember everything. I was wishing so much to get rid of the FWR that, I took granted the scene as it presented FWR injured and of course lost the track of events afterwards XD

    Besides I’m vastly happy Fai took back of his sight. His sadness is hard to bear , since he is my favorite character :P

  3. aidafarwiza Says:

    i’m so glad that clone syaoran become good again. i still can believe that he just killed the one he love. Turn out that Syaoran killed the clone Sakura

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