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Fairy Tail: Chapter 120 January 29, 2009


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Luxus and Mistgun finally has seen each other face to face. Having no choice but to accept Luxus’ challenge, who among them would be hailed the strongest in Fairy Tail?

This Chapter…

The battle between the two guys began, each showed a different kind of magic they haven’t used against each other  till now.

Mistgun’s Matenrou almost had Luxus right there! It had turned the cathedral into nothing but crumbs.  He also did let loose of a humongous reptilian illusion that it’s quite too late for the opponent to notice.

But Luxus is quite a surprising fella too having reacted with speed in that nick of time that he was able to counter the attack putting the other under his spell the same!

Erza and Natsu found them and for  a while, Mistgun was left open so eventually Luxus took his chance, revealing the face behind the heavily clad costume.  Gerard?!

Erza was mesmerized of course that even she had to let down her guard defyng her chances to stood against Luxus.  Mistgun assured her that he isn’t Gerard and apologized for the big reveal at a time like this but who is he?

Now, there’s just Natsu and Luxus left. Are we gonna see Natsu to victory? But Luxus isn’t just taking him seriously!

Random Babblings…

I love this chapter!  The big reveal!  Who would have thought that huge guy in an overly heavy wraparound is somebody who definitely looks like Gerard!  Mistgun is so cool!

Poor Erza, she was taken by awe…smitten by him again?

Yay! Finally it’s Natsu’s turn to fight Luxus!  I’m kinda excited to find out about his new techniques, those that he haven’t used yet!

Wait, what if Luxus is actually Master Jose in disguise?  We still haven’t seen the traitor Gazille nearby!


3 Responses to “Fairy Tail: Chapter 120”

  1. Ryvius Says:

    Cool, a new Era song…. Me ♥ it!

  2. Mist Says:

    I think that Mistgun is stronger then Luxus ;-P

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