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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 34 January 27, 2009

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Adachi wanted the student council to be useful at once.  She came up with an advice forum but with their rough tactics, it failed at first but somehow it has found it’s use… thanks to the SC members themselves!

This Chapter…

Summer holidays are here! Adachi announces only to find the members of the Student Council uninterested!

Chiba and Izumi were comparing their test scores while the yankee, Shinagawa, as usual was lazing around finding comfort in a sofa but later joined the other two and compared results with Adachi as well.

Shinagawa was so looking forward on how to spend his summer that he decided to go straight home and take some refresher ready for the action the next day.  He opened his eyes however to the usual freaking faces of the SC thinking he was dreaming but when he found himself riding in a train, he realizedhi summer’s doomed!  They’re all going to retreat without telling him!

It’s a good thing that the hotel they were staying in both faces the ocean and the mountains which pacified Shinagawa at least!  But they shouldn’t be leaving the room nor start eating to fill their growling stomachs not until they could figure out something of a catchphrase for the school festival to consult with the 3rd year senpais the next day!  Plus, there’s a creepy old grandma welcoming them giving the entire place a horror feel!

Whoa! There were some guys coming to the hotel!  Talk about Mon Shiro… smells trouble isn’t it?

Babbles… Babbles…

Damn me, I just figured out the name of their school! It’s Mon Shiro! T~T

Okay, I just wish they’ll be having a good time.  And a horror plot for the the story would be a blast!  At least some creepy twist just this once! Hehe, I love that!

Got a secret to tell, promise you won’t leak it out?  I hate horror stories, not that I’m afraid of them but I feel like crying whenever I see one!  Shhh!   But I keep watching them to my chagrin! >////<


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