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La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 55 January 26, 2009

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Suddenly, Kaho got interested to be getting tutorials from the newly arrived music teacher.  She did everything she can to win the favor and she got it with Len’s help, the fact that was unknown to her.

This Chapter…

Oooh! Something’s happening between Len and Kaho!

Probably making up for the fact that he’s leaving very soon, he takes some effort of spending quality time with her in a subtle manner.  After the practice, he’d walk her home and we’ve got to see Len like we’ve never seen him before!

If eating some buns together on their way home counts as having their first date, then so be it.  Kaho was very much affected thereafter, blushing everytime and even Len!

I don’t have any idea why the girl in the training camp shows up and obviously it was some business with Len but she had let the cat out of the bag unexpectedly surprising and confusing Kaho about the guy’s plans of going abroad.

Ryoutarou then came and there was a big revelation!  I’m not just clear about the conversation as a whole but it seemed like he’s admitted his feelings towards Kaho, letting Tsukimori know about it, leaving the other guy in awe!

Kaho went home ahead still letting the sudden news sink in.

Random Babblings…

Probably, I got tired of manually translating Chinese all of a sudden, it’s kinda exasperating you know… It’ll take me forever with a crappy knowledge like mine! :(

However, I can’t just let this long awaited chapter to pass right? So I’m just dropping some kind of a primer until somebody could generously translate the whole thing for us!

I especially like that the cover of the recent Lala mag features Kaji and Kaho!! It would be  such a waste to just keep it to myself right?  Hee!

Kaho looks so cute in those pig tails! ^0^


6 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 55”

  1. klutz86 Says:

    thanks!!!! this is great… we just have to wait until sombody else translate this…. i cant wait heheh

  2. haraguro Says:

    About the last part, Tsuchiura asked Tsukimori if he told Hino that he will study abroad. Tsuki answered that he still haven’t told her yet (and says it’s not yet necessary to say so *not sure about this part I have more to learn ORZ*) . Tsuchiura got irritated by calling him stupid. He continues and asks Tsuki why go far as praticing with Hino and conceal the fact that he’s going abroad. Tsuchi adds about Tsuki’s attitude towards Hino a while ago (so he was listening to their conversation I guess). Then he goes on, perhaps he can’t tell Hino. Tsukimori was really surprised. Tsuchi goes on what’s he’s planning to do and say it cleary. As for him (Tsuchi), he can say it and then Tsukimori finally speaks again. he starts off by saying what’s with his irritated attitude/look that Tsuchi wants to tell. This urged Tsuchi to tell him directly that he likes Hino.

  3. haraguro Says:

    You’re welcome. I just need to practice what I know (before it disappears completely).

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