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Vampire Knight: Chapter 47 January 23, 2009


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Looking back…

Kaname gave Yuuki and Zero time to say their last farewell.  He kissed her!

This Chapter…

Yuuki has been caught in a difficult situation particularly that part of her that has been attached to Zero.  It is too painful for her to be considered an enemy by somebody who had been like family for many years.  Just when she had discovered her true self she’ll have to sacrifice another precious episode in the process.

But it wouldn’t do any good if she will force herself onto Zero as it may mean her death and Zero’s future could be unpredictable that she decided to run away like an enemy so he could find some cause to live by hunting her down.

Only one thing remains unaltered, Yuuki’s life is dependent on  Kaname from the beginning as if he was the source of her life force. A flashback of her getting strength from (kissing XD) Kaname when they were little was so cute!

Yagari treated the night Class people with regard for making his job rather easy but warned them of the consequences of their actions.  However, it looked like they were all decided to side with the humans who are helpless victims of other vampires capriciousness.  They were confident that their parents would understand, afterall they were sent to the academy to learn how to live peacefully with the humans.

The hunters came looking for Zero but Kaien told them to give him time and space and said that he should take responsibility for everything that has happened to the school because of his pacifism ideals.

Aidou came to the Sun Dorms where the Day Class people were.  He was shocked that Seiren told him they already knew their real nature… vampires. For the first time, he felt rather dejected since she actually helped out not on a whim but because he wanted to.

They have come to erase the memories of the Day Class but they wouldn’t buy it, they wanted to stay that way so no more secret evades them.  It’s all thanks to Yori who broke the icy situation then the Sun Dorm president too who have a huge crush on Aidou.

Yuuki remembered that rose Kaname gave her. It was his promise from ten ten years ago.  She took it and left.

While Yagari and the Night Class were talking, Kaname appeared assuring them that everything’s alright since the Vampire Council is no more and that Zero has taken care of Rido.  Yuuki came from behind him and hugged him thanking him for keeping his promise.  He smiled so beautifully!

But Yagari pointed his gun on him while Yuuki braced herself in front of him.  He turned to leave protecting her and called out to Yagari that he is to take responsibility for his action, after all he has achieved what he aimed for.  He thanked everyone and went.

While on their way, Yuuki saw Zero carrying Ichiru’s corpse outside the building and he glared at hergiving her a heavy heart.  Kaname gently called on to her and off they go.

Random Babblings…

I can’t say anything than how I adore Yuuki and Kaname in this chapter!  They were so cute when they were kids and I especially like how they already were a couple from back then.  One couldn’t live without the other and that sort… Kyaa!!  A kiss on a cheek is enough to gather strength from the other but doing so by the lips is so sweet!

I love Kaname’s smile here, I’m melting!  So in love with him…Kaname-sama! ♥


One Response to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 47”

  1. Liggybee Says:

    This looks very interesting. Have you ever seen/read Tsukihime? It’s also about vampires. I really enjoyed that one.

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