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Shugo Chara!! Doki [67] January 23, 2009

Looking back…

A cosplaying girl imitating her favorite anime character seized the show as she hoped to help maintain peace and order around.  However, instead of being much of a help she screws up every time causing more trouble than eliminating it!

This Episode…

– – –

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ikuto in a Dream!

Mystery Circles

UFO Fanatic & Lulu

Episode 67: A UFO Girl Appears!

– – –

Amu found Ikuto dazzlingly staring at her  while she was on her bed.  She opened her eyes and realized it was nothing but a dream! :(

She has been worried about him for sometime and still spaces out during the meeting with the Guardians which makes them worry about her too.

Ikuto meanwhile is trying to hid himself from the search platoon, Easter sent to capture him.  Still he wasn’t feeling very well but continuously clings on his violin which is the culprit for draining his energy.

News of a mystery circle echoed Seiyo Academy and Yaya felt excited about it.  It was said to be done by some UFO!  The television too has been filled with such news.

Lulu took a stroll looking for some chances to lure the embryo out.  She accidentally came across some girl saying some chant in the middle of the field.

The girl notices her and they had this chat for a while about how she was looking forward to some UFO adventure.  Lulu was quite fond about her but the next time she sees her, grudgingly she turned her confusion into a more deeper confusion since nobody would ever believe UFO exists.

There appeared the UFO Dream casting magic circles around and entrancing people making them say chants to contact the UFO.

Amu happened to be nearby and dealt with the UFO girl at once.  She had two character transformations with Miki and Ran and everything went back the way it was.

Lulu wasn’t very happy of what she did since the girl was almost like a friend!  She didn’t bother watch the outcome and let the embryo pass her by again!

Babbles… Babbles…

Poor Ikuto! T~T

I’ve got not much to say since this is another of those fillers I’m so pissed about! Where are those lovey-dovey Ikuto and Amu moments?



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