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Back for Good! January 23, 2009

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I have been slacking off for sometime  as real life requires but I’m definitely back and I have some great news I’d like  all  of you to know!

WoAM Portal

WoAM Community Portal

– – –

New Venture!

I’ve kicked off writing posts over Ongaku – The World of Anime Music at the Anime Music God, Ryvius’s invitation!  I was really excited to try new kind of things for a change.

Thirsting for anime music?  Catch us there!

– – –

A New Community Forum!

We can bring and discuss more our anime and manga stuff over the Ongaku Forums.  What does a Global Mod do? LOL

You will find anime, OSTs, manga, fanarts and other interesting stuff, name it. You may start a thread and interact with other users who share the same passion as we have. Talks of anything related are all welcome in the forums!

Join us and the community now! ^^


2 Responses to “Back for Good!”

  1. Ryvius Says:

    Hi there! It’s so cool you’re part of this Fairchild… Thanx for all the hard work!

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