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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 210 January 22, 2009

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Fei Wang Reed was lured out of his cocoon as the Syaoran clone gave all the magic he could muster to tear wide open that slit in time where the evil dude was lurking!

The real Syaoran managed to stab FWR but the clone took the strike back!  TwT

This Chapter…

Despite having been fatally wounded, still the clone Syaoran gave his all for the sake of the ones he’d be leaving behind.

I’m not so sure if FWR was defeated by the real Syaoran’s last attack but I hope  it’s that way.

Slumping down at Syoran’s arms, the clone handed the feathers he collected and asked to bring those to Sakura.  He apologizes mentioning everyone’s names including Syaoran’s and he vanished into pieces!  He haven’t even finished saying his thanks! :_((

Random Babblings…

Sayonara Cloney! T~T  He’s a real hero after all!

So what’s gonna happen next? What were those words he wanted to know? This chapter is so sad…

Waitey! Have you seen Mokona around or it’s just me who’s having poor eyesight? :(


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