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Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 68 January 22, 2009

Chapter 68

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Looking back…

Tamaki finally realizes his inner feelings and got honest with Megumi about some girl he had been having intimate regard all along!

This Chapter…

Tamaki recalls risking Haruhi’s life for issues concerning his family’s business.  The kidnapping remember?

The troubled guy had been contemplating of how could he have acted foolishly towards Haruhi and that Host Club “family” thing.  He realizes, that because of his personal trauma, he wanted to keep things just like that in fear of losing something precious and feel bad about it.

After Mori senpai’s disaster challenge, it’s about time for curry making.  It’s a surprise that Megumi now tells Tamaki which ingredients to choose.  Kyoya revealed that it was Haruhi’s idea making it easy for him and Kanoya since her father is a cook.  They’ve got to answer some puzzles and the next stop is some kind of a lie-detector-test-like challenge… a mouth of truth booth…sort of.

The mechanics are simple.  Answer as accurately and honestly as possible that the hand which is placed in the in the mouth will not be eaten.  However, Megumi hadn’t been honest when it comes to her father so her hand got pulled in.

Haruhi declined Tamaki’s request to stop the challenge as it is hurting Megumi.  She among the others worked hard and came up with the idea to make him realize that it isn’t only him who would want the friendship of the Host Club to last, and that everyone wanted to stick together too and he need not isolate himself in a corner and get all depressed by himself!  They too wanted him to be honest with himself.

Tamaki soon calls Hikaru as he earned himself some confidence to settle his issues. He loves Haruhi from the start!  Those worrying about her and being  happy around her, he’s got no doubt about his feelings now!

Random Babblings…

What beautiful friendship the Host Club is having!  They have stood beside Tamaki to help him confront his issues in a subtle way and Haruhi’s so brillant second to Kyoya that is, for having thought of the whole thing!

The best thing is, Tamaki’s slowly opening up and really now sure about his feelings towards Haruhi and that’s great!  Poor Hikaru, but I know he understands more than anyone else.


28 Responses to “Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 68”

  1. danielle Says:

    hi this chapter sounds good..but i want to see the chapter and i dnt know how tto download it…

  2. danielle Says:

    yeah i know its in chinese but i like seeing the raw first lol…and thanx and anyway i wouldnt be able to register since i cant read..lol but thanx!!!!!i always read and love ur summaries!!!!!!!!=)

  3. Rachael Says:

    Yay , Thanks for uploading a link to the raws ^_^
    I cant wait for it to be subbed <3

  4. Priscila Says:

    Thank you so much, Fairchild!!
    I couldn’t find Episode 68 anywhere, and was so anxious to read it.
    Thank you!!!

  5. Mary Italian Says:

    Megaupload does not work, are there other sites?

  6. hjhj Says:

    I predict the series will end in 2 chapters.

  7. danielle Says:

    but i doubt its gonna end in 2 more chapters there would be just to many things to rap up megumi’s prob, tamaki meeting his mother, the thing with his grandma, mori and hunny graduating, tamaki and haruhi be together..i think it will take more then 2 chapters they mite stretch it out a little cause hunny and mori are only supposed to graduate in march and i think its january in ouran there not gonna skip 2 month or so….lol

  8. […] Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 68 Looking back… Tamaki finally realizes his inner feelings and got honest with Megumi about some girl he had been […] […]

  9. sakuraisho Says:

    ooooooooooh. i cant wait till the chapter comes out in english!!! i know it will be awesome! YAY Tamaki!

  10. eterna Says:

    I want to read the english chapter T-T
    cool.. thanks fairchild.. i was searching for the 68th chapter and ended up at your site lol

  11. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Stay tuned for the updated English scanlation link Eterna! Drop by again soon! :D

  12. jenn Says:

    yea, thanks^^^=)

  13. Fairchild_13 Says:

    It’s a pleasure Jenn! XD

  14. Kaori Says:

    Gah! I just viewed it and seeing the pictures now I’m even MORE antsy to see it in English. I hope it comes out soon I can’t WAIT to see Haruhi and Tamaki’s relationship develop ^^

  15. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Thanks for dropping by Kaori! I am too! ^^

  16. Rosichan Says:

    Tamaki did realise his feelings during the kidnapping…

    this chapter is so great…. I love how it portays the friendship among all the guys…
    Hatori is awesome ^__^

  17. danielle Says:

    i have a question..does anyone have any spoiler for chapter 69..im like dieing..even if its just a summary about it or a picture..ill take anything..lol

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