Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 119 January 22, 2009

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Fried finally met defeat in a match he never thought would offer him some lesson.  The “Demon,”  Mirajane, brought out what he really wanted, the Fried who have been set aside for a long time!

This Chapter…

It’s only ten minutes left till the thunder lachrymas would be activated and Levi’s confidence lies on Natsu, Gazille and even Mistgun’s success.

It was a surprise how Polyuska came to the guild at a time like this and just barged in looking for Makarov.  Sure, she knew healing techniques but she was sober aking Levi to get Luxus and fast!

With tears welling in her eyes the girl now understood the severity of the situation, Makarov isn’t goin’ to last very long!

So, a flashback revealed Luxus’ issue with his grandfather.  His petty ego  got him all worked up about being referred to as Makarov’s grandson.   He wanted to be recognized as himself but he just went on the extreme up to the point of challenging his grandfather.

At the cathedral where he was waiting, Mistgun appeared but he couldn’t just talk Luxus out of his foolishness that easily.  It left no choice but to give him some dose of his own medicine.

Luxus sure had gotten stronger and Mistgun’s gonna be seen in action with some form of magic he has never used before!  Could he be the the one to save the guild on time?

Random Babblings…

I am looking forward to see Mistgun’s capacity in full blast and Luxus’ as well.  This is going to be a good fight!

Sheesh, ego! :\

Poor Master Makarov,  I hope he could recover so soon and anybody got intrigued by Polyuska?  Is she just Makarov’s friend or somebody special? Nah, old people sure are mysterious!


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