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Kobato: Drop 12 January 20, 2009

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Ioryogi went missing and Kobato went home ahead only to find Mr. Okiura along the way.  Now that Fujimoto-san showed up that very instant, what would happen next?

This Chapter…

It was the first time we would be hearing Ioryogi  say “please” when he usually is so mean and bossy!  He handed Usyagi-chan his fire, a message included perhaps.  But when Genko’s bird made fun of him, he had him toasted!

Now, the confrontation began with Okiura and Fujimoto heating things up which lead into a wrestle.

Kobato clung onto the other man to avoid hurting the younger guy.  Words just came blurting out her mouth in defense of Fujimoto and managed to separate them both.

But when the topic drifted back to Sayaka again, Kiyokazu launched another offensive however, Kobato meddled and said that hurting the Okiura guy would mean hurting himself too.

There was something else she’s gonna say, something interesting which caught Fujimoto’s interest but she dissmissed the thing prematurely.

Random Babblings…

Could it be that she has grown to love Fujimoto?  With that special sparkle in her eyes and judging the guy’s reaction could there be some possibilty sometime soon?

Kobato never really ceased to amaze me and she is really cute but the chapter’s so short it ain’t cute! :(


2 Responses to “Kobato: Drop 12”

  1. Strawberry! Says:

    ooo! sounds interesting!
    thx 4 the post! it’s much appreciated!

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