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Fairy Tail: Natsu and the Dragon Egg January 20, 2009

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Click here to read!

Click here to read!

I’ve only got to post this Fairy Tail just now but I’ve seen the Chinese scanlations ahead along with the Chapter 117th!

I felt a little nostalgic reading this since this reminds us of the Fairy Tail Members when they were at a young age.

The setting went back when the Fairy Tail Guild was rebuilt and Mirajane with Lucy have to organize the library where they found an old picture.

It was how Happy came to be.

Many secrets were revealed in a recollection.  Mirajane and Erza’s rivalry, the young Lisana who was Mira’s demised sister was in pretty good terms with Natsu.

The origin of the winged blue cat out of the shell!

Natsu insisted that it’s a dragon when it’s not and despite other people’s protests, Happy seemed to have agreed with it!

Babbles… Babbles…

How cool!  So that’s why Happy’s name is Happy!

He was like a Messiah of joy for the whole guild.  A rare chance to have a peek at the glorious past of Fairy Tail’s.

Childhood was never boring again growing up with the rest of the guild!


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