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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 51 January 20, 2009


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Looking back….

The Water God Habaek, grew really fond of the earthling Nakbin or so he thought she was and he’s determined to claim her for himself!

This Chapter…

This is the story of a girl named Mok Rang whose father is a fisherman.  She had been visited by rare dreams yet she cannot recall after she awakens.

She had been acting really weird, that aside from the strange dreams she was always talking about.  Her parents were very much worried as if she had incurred some kind of sickness or was possessed by some spirits.  Who in her right mind would climb a tree and forgot about how she got there?

In her dream opens a door leading to the water realm and meeting the Water God himself takes an exceptional ability befitting a shaman and Mok Rang has that. Habaek told her a secret she probably won’t forget all her life!  A storm is coming and her father is out there fishing in the open sea!

Random Babblings…

A shaman who has the control over waters…Mok Rang sure is exeptional.  What role would she play in the story?  Could her ability spare his father’s life?  What would be her significance in Habaek’s life?

Habaek seemed to have the idea that human should all look like Nakbin.  That’s why he found Soah quite plain and fussed about the most beautiful girl the village has to offer as a sacrifice before.

Nakbin, a human? I doubt it!


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