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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 209 January 16, 2009


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Looking back…

The clone thrust his sword into the real one signaling the finale of the duel between the two Syaorans!  Did the real Syaoran truly died?

This Chapter…

In a fight where winning is uncertain, Kurogane, Fai and Syaoran gambled their lives to battle the root of all evil…the Demon King, Fei Wong Reed!

Proclaimed victorious over his other self, the clone dragged the fatally wounded real Syaoran into Fei Wong Reed’s direction.

The evil guy muttered his plans for the two fully trusting his influence over the clone as the corpse of the Clow’s relation (or so he thought) is almost in his hands, making him jubilant.  But as the clone inched closer, he was pierced by the real Syaoran’s sword crumbling his castles in the air.  The clone dared to deceive him!

He was angered much that he tried to kill Syaoran but the clone took in the blow and just when we thought everything’s over, Syaoran the clone cast a spell tearing the protective slit of time wide open exposing FWR and making him vulnerable for any further attack!

Random Babblings…

Waaah! Real or clone, Syaoran is still Syaoran no matter what!  How heroic, I must agree!  I hope nothing extreme’s ever goin’ to happen to the both of them.  The clone’s  gotten really stronger each time he uses Fai’s magic!

Fei Wong Reed die! Curse you!


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  1. Sarah Says:

    whoootttt !

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