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Shugo Chara!! Doki [66] January 16, 2009

Looking back…

While everyone’s having fun playing in the snow covered school ground, Amu grew worried for Ikuto everytime and when she got home, the cat-eared guy turned himself to leave but Amu suggested for him to stay for a while due to his condition or for other reasons?

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sleepless Nights!


Ikuto no more?

Episode 66: Uproar! A Cat-Eared Girl!?

Lying side by side with Ikuto gave Amu a fitful sleep that she even spaces out in the Royal Garden thinking about the guy.

When Amu left for school she told Yoru to make sure Ikuto wouldn’t be found out but later he awakens and felt his growling stomach.

Yoru helped himself in the kitchen and found some balls of yarn which he mistook for food just like before.  He got himself entangled on it and Ikuto too who helped him out of the mess.

The news of a cat-eared persona reached the Guardians and they found somebody by the likes of it in the park nearby on their way home.  It was a cosplaying girl who’s influenced greatly by an anime shown on TV.

The Nakayama girl wanted to do good things and heroic things and considered herself as a magical creature while clad in her costume.   However, she scared away kids when she wanted to cheer them up and mistakenly cleaned up a mural an artist had been working on as she thought he was some punk just helping himself in a graffiti spree!

As usual, Lulu messed up with her and made things even worse. She had this character change, I didn’t catch it but it’s sort of Magical….Dream!

The Guardians helped Amu return her to normal while the embryo showed up and this time Lulu’s prepared.  She had Nana run after it with a mini net for catching it but it just toyed with her and left.

Now as Amu returned home, she found Ikuto was gone.  She was kinda sad since they had this little argument earlier.


Fillers again? And where are those juicy moments in the manga? This is frustrating! :(


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