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Spoiler: TRC 209 January 12, 2009

Spoilers this way!

Spoilers this way!

Wait a moment!  This is getting all confusing!

If the spoiler holds true, then:


Fatally wounded Syaoran tried to stab Fei Wang Reed but the thing is, it didn’t have an effect on him that he ended up stabbing the clone on the latter’s stead!

Babbles… Babbles…

So, Fei Wang Reed isn’t an easy opponent after all!  And just as I suspected that the clone must have told the real Syaoran to play dead to give him a chance to get his hands on FWR might be a cannon!

But why would the clone be stabbed in the evil guy’s place?

I suddenly have the notion that it might be like Vampire Knight curse; the clone can’t kill his master or it would mean his life but it was the real one who’s trying to deliver the blow! Then why?

And the clone isn’t just any voodoo-like material and I wonder how was he conceived?  I might have missed that part but I am in a strong belief that it was with the help of the princess’ feather that FWR honed him from while the real Syaoran is in his custody!


5 Responses to “Spoiler: TRC 209”

  1. ggctuk Says:

    Hah? Now they lost me. I knew he stabbed himself, but the Clone has just completely lost me.

  2. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    I think it’s better that way that the real Syaoran killed FWR lol.. XD! Beside, I don’t think the clone have that much of the pain to kill that guy then the real Syaoran. He was the one who must suffer all those things more then the clone, so that why, shouldn’t we just give that honor to our dear hero :P?

    (and I hope Fay wouldn’t be a vampire for too long anymore. I love his blue eye better then the vampire eye <.<)

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