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Shugo Chara!! Doki [65] January 10, 2009


Amu’s fortune told for the new year is for a meeting like a shooting star to happen.  What can it possibly  mean?  Could it be with Ikuto?

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Under the Sheets!

Missing Temari

Hentai Is?

Episode 65 : Snow Days are Full of Secrets?

Freaking out, Amu was so shocked to find Ikuto on her bed, looking totally  helpless. She desperately wakes him up in fear that her parents might find out about him soon! Then, Yoru surfaced and told her about the situation and how come Ikuto ended up there.

While she was beating some sense out of the kitty chara, Amu’s dad came rushing to her room as he heard some commotion.  Thank goodness it was so dark and he didn’t find out. Erm, Amu got caught in Ikuto’s arm as she snuggled beside him to hide!

Morning broke and Ami barged in Amu’s room to her alarm.  Again, it was only Yoru who got spotted!

The surroundings were all white covered in snow and Ami suddenly got excited in creating  a snowman!  Since their backyard isn’t that huge, they ended up going into the academy where all the Guardians met.  Everyone were having fun playing in the snow.

Amu grew worried about Ikuto and devised a plan so going home time could be hastened but twice it failed.  Finally, when dinner time came, everyone reluctantly agreed to part ways though they originally wanted to go visit Amu’s house.   And on  their way home, Ami begged for a taiyaki and Amu was left no choice but to concede.

When they got home, Amu rushed into her r0om only to find Ikuto wasn’t there but when she was about to change her wardrobe, Ikuto went flailing from inside the cabinet when she opened it.  It is possibly where he hid when Amu’s mom did some cleaning earlier.

She handed him the fish taiyaki and Ikuto kept teasing her… about remembering his favorite flavor (chocolate), being worried about him and the hentai part! Is there? Hee.

After eating, Ikuto stood and prepared to leave but Amu was worried about him and hinted that he could stay for a while so he considered in one condition… that she wouldn’t stare at him and grin like crazy while he’s asleep!  Teasing again! ^^

Random Babblings!

I didn’t get to post this after the show.  Gommenasai! T__T

Work should be my priority right?  Just when Doki’s  juiciest episodes are starting to air, I’m really having my hand full!  But I’m glad it got subbed and fast!

Anyways, have you seen the new opening? It seems pretty gay to me! :|

Ah, gotta rush again… I did just sneaked behind my boss to get this up!  I’ll be so free soon…toodles!


5 Responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki [65]”

  1. Ryvius Says:

    Hi there Fairchild! How’s it going?

  2. Ryvius Says:

    Hehe! Nice to see you back!

  3. FaS Says:

    Noooo :( video’s been canceled

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