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La Corda D’Oro: Omake v.12 January 6, 2009


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Yosha! Finally, I’ve got to feature my most favorite La Corda bishounen!  Kaji Aoi! >///<

This also has something to do with the primer for La Corda’s season 2, since Kaji’s appearing in it as one of the new male protagonists!

Now, let’s get to know him better shall we?

Aoi No Mongatari (Aoi’s Tale)…

All the gifts of the earth must have been graciously bundled for him as he is exceptionally handsome and almost good at everything!

He excels in the academics and in sports, simply got charm and everyone adores him!  He’s got wealth and power and talent yet he’s remained rooted to the ground!  So perfect!

He was a music enthusiast having appreciated Hino’s craft.  He also played the violin before but now opted to switch into viola for reasons unknown.  I guess it has something to do with his mom.  It might have been a tragic occurrence for him and the memories were too painful to face just yet.  Let’s leave it at that for now.

The greatest part of him is how devoted he is.  He’d been smitten by Hino the very first time and he’s resorted into some mischief in his pursuit of her!  Kaji has just proven that he could actually be a natural jester!  He’s so cool in that teddy bear mascot suit!

We all knew that he’s taken a big leap by transferring at Seiso! Yet he treated Hino with utmost respect and never pushes himself towards her at least, not on an intimate scale just yet. Though he’s been trying so hard to reach for her but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her! He’s just making her feel so ever special everytime!  So sweet, Kaji-kun!

Kaho, you idiot!  He’s just a perfect match for you!

Wake up or he’s mine! ^ω^


2 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro: Omake v.12”

  1. o_o Says:

    He’s ok BUT! I think hino and him doesn’t match I like Len with Kaho!!

  2. sakura Says:

    I like len a lot. He has this enigmatic attitude towards everyone, but he also exudes a sort of sadness. It kindah dissapears when hino’s around. At least it did in the amusement park! Ha ha ha!

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