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La Corda D’Oro: Extra v.12 January 6, 2009


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This time, it’s Len’s story.  I’m sorry Len fans but I’m not much into him and I’d rather prefer Ryou if Kaji hadn’t been in the picture.

The whole chapter is a flashback of Tsukimori’s past.  We’ve got to see his connection with that come backing sensei, Hino had been pestering before to take violin lessons from.

There also is this horrible truth behind his overly concern the time when Hino’s hand was almost injured due to the broken vase in the anime.  So much for butting into someone else’s fight!

Len’s greatest gift and frustration is the fact that his parents were both excelling in their craft in the world of music.

He may have inherited their talents and he should have been thankful but this kind of thing also made Len struggle for his own achievement that if there’s one thing he’d like to correct and battle against, it is the fact that he’d been under his parent’s shadows and was never recognized as a talented entity as well.  He also wanted others to be able to tell the difference between his music from them.

I would understand why he could have fallen for Hino since she’s just as persistent as him towards a goal that’s yet uncertain.  For him to create his own name without being compared to his parents and Hino to be a skilled violinist despite the fact that she’s starting from scratch.  They may be compatible determination-wise!

Honestly, I learned to appreciate more of Len’s character in the manga since I now understand his innermost ordeal and why the ice-cold attitude!  But still, that doesn’t convince me to dote for him as well! :P


9 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro: Extra v.12”

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  2. Jacki Says:

    yay (: thanks ;DD

  3. mitayashi Says:

    kyaaaaa…! La Corda D’Oro! looking forward. ^_^

  4. AnimeAngel4eva Says:

    I loved this extra, but now we gotta debate!
    Since we have also seen an extra based on Tsuchuira’s childhood….the next question is…

    Who is the cuter one as a child?!

    Tsuchuira or Tsukmori? XD
    Well it can’t be helped, but both of them were adorable!
    (well since I am a huge fan of little Tsukimori, I would automatically vote for him) lol.

  5. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    Lol… I must say this too… If Kaji hasn’t been in the picture, Len would be my top favorite XD!

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