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Fairy Tail: Chapter 117 January 6, 2009

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Lluvia sacrifices herself for the sake of her nakama Kana.  Now, she’s that she’s about to battle with Fried, what are her chances?

This Chapter…

It appeared that Levi’s mission had been a success.  Natsu and Gazille now had entered the battle arena!

But… Gazille’s just pretending afterall? What an ass!

While Kana and Fried’s match started, Mirajane was helping out her brother Elfman towards the safer ground.

Kana no matter what she does seemed to be no match with Fried’s strength.

Elfman, though wounded, couldn’t just stare at her and confronted Fried as well.  Due to his poor condition and the unleashed power of Fried’s eye, just like any other member of the Raijinshuu, he was easily defeated next to her!

It was a terrible scene for Mirajane to take and she had envisioned her sister from before she died, cried out loud in rage and suddenly her protective seal had been released.

Behold the return of The Demon!!

She is very much distinct from the sweet and amiable Mirajane whose powers are yet unfathomed, the side of her that had been put into sleep and Fried is the first to taste her wrath after a long time!

Random Babblings...

Wow!  This chapter’s absolutely amazing! In spite of what happened to Kana and Elfman we finally got to see Mirajane’s dark side!  I love it!

Finally, Fried has met his match!


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