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Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 3 January 5, 2009


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This extra chapter is a walk down memory lane, back to the time when Ryuuki and Shuurei were both very young.

We’ve got to see how the Emperor- to-be fared with everyday life and how the Kou princess had been an icon of strength at such an early age.

Ryuuki, as we all are aware of and as portrayed in the anime had been a battered kid, mentally, physically and emotionally while Shuurei was all surrounded by love and she herself has this innate good nature which could influence others, therefore, a potential for an excellent future leader.

I was so deeply moved by Shouka and his ordeal losing the ones he loved.  His wife, the maker of the large manjuu buns died and he really shed tears in front of Ryuuki!

The young one did his best to steam the buns in the hope to make him feel better… so much like Shuurei!

While there’s so much emotion flowing from this  story, Ryuuki was so cute in his mischief… using General Soh’s helmet to steam the buns!  But he’d been expert at it since then.

The very good thing that’s revealed in this chapter is the fact that Shuurei’s father favored Ryuuki so much for Shuurei and hopes that they might as well end up together someday!

The manjuu buns had been a witness to it all! Who knows good things might actually happen!

Ah, so cute! :3


2 Responses to “Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 3”

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  2. little_e Says:

    Whoa. where was the story? in which anime/lightnovel/manga is it in?? i wanna reeeeead it

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