Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 2 January 5, 2009


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Shuurei sure is a worrywart, too responsible and the one who would look at the future with positive vibes.  Her utmost concern is the welfare of her family having been impoverished though they are still considered among the highest of stature just by belonging to the Kou clan.

Now at Kiyou, the decree for a Men-In-Drag contest in connection with the activities for the Harvest Festival pumped up the princess of the Kou.  Who wouldn’t be when a 100 sacks of rice for the first prize is at stake!

As always, ever obedient Seiran was compelled to join but it created a conflict with his assignment at the palace that very day!

Therefore, Shuuei had to take the responsibility reluctantly but would only agree to it if Koyuu would be joining in too! The angry and unmotivated Koyuu suddenly got  inspired by Shouka-sama (he’s a big fan of his) that he’s fired up so miraculously!

Why, they all look so beautiful!  The Anonymous Three! That would be Shuuei, Koyuu and eh? Ryuuki?! *pfft!*

Maybe we can now figure out why Seiran’s out to stand guard.

Meanwhile, an unexpected Anonymous number 4 appeared, simply pretty without make up, what a pure beauty,  stealing all their chances for the first prize! That’s Chamberlain Kou Kijin for you! ~.*

The Emperor got fourth! But Shuurei gladly accepts his prize as a gift for he worked his ass off to earn it.  Ah, the almost kiss … or not! ^^;

Well, in the end Shuurei got all the prizes from first to the fourth for herself!  Nice going princess! XD


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