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Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 1 January 5, 2009


Click here to read!

We’ve read the first two Saiunkoku Monogatari volumes alright but after the anime concluded the manga had been slowly progressing too.  Currently, about fifteen chapters… Isn’t that lovely? :D

Actually, there had been 14 volumes or so and 3 side stories released in the light novel versions and I’ve seen some earlier scans in Chinese about a year ago yet I can’t recall where those are now… but I found somebody who had been patiently translating them for everyone (probably she’s got Japanese references)! I’ll be affixing the links in the later posts.

Let’s get started with the manga first with an extra chapter about Reishin.

Kou Reishin, Shuurei’s uncle.  The one who’d comfort himself looking at Shuurei from afar and  deliberately hides  his identity despite the fact that it wouldn’t hurt to come out in the open and let their relationship be known.

He’s such a creepy guy in the anime not to mention his doubtful gender and it wasn’t explained much clearly why the attitude but the manga has it and he’s such a pedo! Eeek!

He was in love with the very young Shuurei, you know, love in some higher degree apart from being kins and he wanted her to marry him! >~<  Absurd huh?

Anyways,  I always want to read the extras first for there lurks some secret  about many things we might have been missing while reading the manga and most side stories are fun!


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