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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Dog Days January 4, 2009

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Click here to read!

Introducing the wonder dog Kouki!!

Remember him from Chiba’s house before?  Of course he is Chiba’s eight-year old dog!

Kouki is very much a part of Chiba’s everyday life and this side story reveals that very part which we failed to see through.

However, the protagonist of the story is Kouki and his daily routines! Find out how this affects Chiba’s too!

The wonder dog was featured in a various manner; his daily duties at Chiba’s house, his favorites past times and his heroic acts.

Who says only parents have the right discipline their kids? Even Kouki  manages to give parental guidance to his master!  He’s more like a nanny I should say and he’s just a perfect dog for him!

When Shinagawa and Adachi were coaxing him to come to school before, he was lent an ecchi themed DVD and still he wasn’t able to see it.  Kouki’s greatness showed when it came to the most juicy part, he turned the monitor off as if saying, “That’s it were done!”

So much for Chiba’s excitement! *hehe*


I found this brief side story so cute that though this was still a part of the 32nd chapter, I chose to put up a separate post on this.

If I were to choose I’d like a dog like Kouki to myself.  But the problem is, I don’t like getting near dogs a bit!  Sure I’d like to look at them from afar and adore how cute they were but I usually prefer cats! ^^


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