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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 33 January 4, 2009


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Looking back…

Glasses thief!  Shinagawa?!

This Chapter…

It’s another boring day at the Student Council’s lounge having nothing to do. ..

To break the monotony, Adachi decided to think of something that would keep them busy and that their talents be put in good use for the school.

An advice forum, why not?

It was such a horrifying idea if the four others were to be asked.  Who would be foolish enough to reveal their sob stories vis a vis?  And what kind of advice could be expected from the riot bunch of Student Council Officers? But Adachi’s the type to walk her talk and so, posters were set up and flyers were given out for the project.

As expected, nobody got interested but instead were amused of Adachi’s signature caricatures of the SC but it was mistaken to be Shinagawa’s to his fury (really bad drawing!).

While eavesdropping, they heard rumors about them of how they were delinquent, this and that, except Adachi and Izumi.  Shinagawa’s a bad influence and Chiba’s just a mistaken identity…poor him!

Therefore, Strategy 1. Failed!

Strategy 2.  An advice box.  It was a shabby box that it doesn’t look like it was made by humans!

This time it was said to be anti-social Izumi’s idea and was made by clumsy Hemeji and it’s unexpected that the students think that it’s rather cute.  But with Adachi sitting beside the box, who would want to drop their sheets?

To make the story short, Daichi dropped his at the box in the hope to make Adachi happy that finally somebody did respond.  But he was shocked the next day when he found there were four!  Little did he knew the other three dropped theirs too!

Random Babblings…

The really care for Adachi that much, lucky her!

It’s just wasn’t clear if she had figured out who dropped them but I guess she’s just playing dumb.  Each of the four really knew whose problem is which since it’s too obvious and she’s too clever not to know.  She must have or else she already did gave a proper advice!

At least something had been done that’s a student council-like thing!


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