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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 32 January 4, 2009


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Looking back…

A scapegoat, that was what Shinagawa discovered from the baseball club representative and the 3rd year senpais were the reason behind his persistent demands from the Student Council to increase their club’s allotment of funds.

Determined to  iron things all at once, the Yankee thought of coming up with a plan.  Whatever it is, will it work just fine?

This Chapter…

The baseball guy, Noda was bullied again by the 3rd years having failed his mission to negotiate for fund increase intended for the baseball club.  The other team mates were held unable to fight against them in fear that they might end up into the disadvantage.

The notorious juniors might have done something terrible to the freshman if not for the threesome group who blocked their way and asked to join the team!

No matter how Noda looked at it, the three were composed of Shinagawa, Izumi and Chiba from the Student Council engaged in some funny cosplay, trying hard to cover up their identity so as not to disgrace the Student Council (and let Adachi worry about it).  The 3rd years were horrified by the scene and and treated them as a bad joke.

Funny but Izumi and and Shinagawa started to bicker among themselves, triggered by the glasses the yankee was wearing (wonder who’s glasses was it?). Chiba might look really scary but it’s only in the exterior, in truth, he’s the type to get clammy balls when it comes to situations like this.

Shinagawa introduced themselves as the “Special Warriors” contacted by the school to maintain harmony within it.  He boasted that he was the red warrior, Nagawa Masaru and was cut short by Izumi who wanted to be the red warrior too!  Nobody’s taking the black warrior position and among all colors to choose from, they chose pink for Chiba!  What the heck? Now, it irritated the the other guys more!

At the SC lounge, Adachi finally surfaced from her journey from the dreamland!  When she noticed the guys were missing,  she suddenly bolted out the room before Hemeji could stop her.  Oh no, the boys are about to be busted!

While Izumi and Shinagawa were beating the sense out of the 3rd years, Adachi came rushing towards them threatening to the surprise of the three.  Her appearance also made the opponent vow not to meddle with the funds ever again but her signature kick went flying towards Shinagawa!  What? She couldn’t care less about the fight and seemed to have no idea what’s going on but she has issues for herself and the glass thief!

Oh well, but surely the first years are sure freed from the tyranny those absurd third years had been imposing for so long!

Random Babblings…

Finally, I got this up! (^0^;)

I still got hang-over from the New Year! Though I wasn’t able to go anywhere special but the following days were a bunch of partying, I am exhausted to the max! I was barely able to see to this blog!  I’m glad I’m finally back on track but I still wanna sleep!*yawns*

Alright, back to business.  This was one of the first laughs I’ve had thhis year.  Shinagawa so rocks!  I can’t believe that cosplaying were their idea of masking themselves!  Nothing less for the brilliant mind of the yankee!

Izumi’s attire was the best I suppose.  He was in disguise yet his arm band has his name clearly written on it! Isn’t that just great?! XD


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