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Crazy for Kaname-chama! December 31, 2008


Chibi Kaname

“Suki da yo!” little Kaname says as I point the cursor on him!

Moe, suteki, suteki! ♥ I love you too!!

It’s so good to have him on my dektop!

Kaname-chama mascot is supposed to be Sagakure’s Christmas present for every VK fan out there but for me it’s for the New Year since I decided to download the program just now!

He’s so cute, what can I say?

He’s bound to do many cutesy things while making your time surfing the net and other things you may think of doing with your computer worthwhile!

With the different reactions you can generate from him, you will never be bored just looking at him, he does!  He sleeps on you when you haven’t done much activity but when you wake him up he just says I love you all of a sudden!  Hehee!

Why don’t you get to know little Kaname better and I’m sure you’ll gonna ask Sagakure and have her make Zero’s version! ^v^ Oh, it’s in the making! How could I have missed that?

The program’s so easy to install and this won’t take a lot of disk space either!

You’re sooo gonna love it!

Click on the pic and take a peek at my desktop!  Like what you saw? Then…

Grab it here @ Sagakure’s : [ Little Kaname Mascot ]


9 Responses to “Crazy for Kaname-chama!”

  1. Ryvius Says:

    So cute! Do they have other mascots like that?? I’d love a Lucy(elfenlied) mascot or a C.C(code geass) mascot like that!

  2. Ena Says:

    Aww, Kaname on desktop… I was excited when reading it but that chibi Kaname just doesn’t work for me >_< I prefer cool and dark and awesome and…. ahem … Kaname-sama on my desktop :D

  3. Quinn Says:

    Cute.♥ ♥

    You find the best links Fairchild. Thanks!

  4. Quinn Says:

    I forgot to say HAPPY New Year. (^_^)/

  5. Quinn Says:

    Back at ya! Here’s to 2009….

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