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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 13 [Fin] December 29, 2008

Looking back…

Shall I say the Vampire Council is no more?  But I hope Takuma is still alive!

On this note, the crumbling of the Council signaled Kaname’s end of mission and that leaves only Zero to take care of the other… preventing Rido from getting his hands on Yuuki on his behalf.

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Final Moments

Consoling Kaname

The Farewell

Episode 13 : Vampire’s Knight

Despite Zero’s attack, Rido had gotten loose.  He tried to escape and fed himself with the lowly vampires to regain his strength but Kaname tracked him with Zero coming after shortly.

The duel began between Kaname and Rido and Zero finishes the evil guy at once.  Coordinated much? But it’s so cool!  Then, it’s good riddance Rido!

After all the trouble, Kaname praised Zero for a job well done but Zero pointed the Bloody Rose at him.  Good thing that Yuuki came in time to stop him!  Kaname left them alone just like in the manga to say their farewells.

I won’t mention less important stuff anymore so let’s get to the juicy part!

Yuuki indeed bit Zero as it was in the rumor! Alright but that was probably the last time they can talk and probably see each other as he declared to kill her the next time.  They hugged and that was that!  Bye Zero!

Now, Kaname was so hurt as he felt what Yuuki has just did and was quite uncertain of what her decision would be.  He got himself ready to leave with a resolve that he’ll respect whatever Yuuki decides.  But Yuuki came to his room already dressed up and my God he had fallen on his knees.  Maybe he felt so relieved that Yuuki has chosen him! :3

The Cross Academy wasn’t totally wrecked as I thought it would be.  It’s good to know Yagari and Kaien were alive, just exhausted from the battle but unscathed.

Aidou managed to joke  now that everything’s over.  That lapis lazuli before is his keepsake and a reminder that he’s friends with Kaname.

Rima and Shiki went to the Vampire Council’s place which already had fallen into ruins as Takuma offered his life for it and only his sword had lived to tell the tale. *sniff* Shiki took it and of course Rima as usual with her pockies! Are they already an item or what?

The Night Class decided to leave the academy and follow Kaname.  But before that the emotional farewell between Kaien and Yuuki took place (but there’s a comedy before, see!).  The day class people were told the situation is over and Yori wasn’t able to bid Yuuki goodbye.

Zero is back to his normal state and resumed his duty as a guardian and while looking at the Moon Dorm’s gate he reminisced the Yuuki he has ever known, the Yuuki he’ll never see again.

Yagari couldn’t believe the damage the school had incurred but then the people from the hunters association came and there goes the help!

The episode ended up with the Night Class, Kaname and Yuuki leaving the academy grounds to where? *tehee* Of course home!

Random Babblings…

Okay, it was thirty minutes late! I was forced to see a bunch of commercials! Grrrr! At least it was finished and it’s really good!

All’s well that ends well.

With the rate the anime has ended, I’ll bet there will not be another sequel to this!

Whatever. I’m so happy with the turn out of events, I thought it’s gonna be Zero’s show and thank heavens it isn’t!  So can we expect similar ending to the manga?

At least Kaname and Yuuki in the end and that what matters to me.  Don’t hate me okay! XD

But my question hasn’t been answered… Who’s the Vampire’s Knight?

Zero, I think…what about you?


22 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 13 [Fin]”

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  2. madi Says:

    oh wow! i seriously need to get the raw, i wanna see it now! :<

  3. David Says:

    cool, I cant wait for the raw episode!!! =)

  4. Sarah Says:

    is there going to be a season 3 ? =)

  5. aliukiponi Says:

    oh my… i have to see it.. i cant kill time anymore.. thanks.1!! for this you rock.!!

  6. quran Says:

    This is quite the anime series… Short, and slightly elegant.

  7. someone Says:

    Well since Kename is the Vampire King, and Yuuki the princess, i guess that leaves Zero as the knight.

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  9. Nova_kiryu Says:

    Huhu i didn’t like the end of VK!
    Huhu, i wish zero with yuuki! Not kaname!

    Poor zero, but whatever the end of VK i still love zero forever!

    Yei ganbate zero!

  10. Cyle Says:

    Nooo, you’re all wrong, the true Vampire Knight is Idou!

  11. Sohail Ahmed Says:

    wow… I was looking for the same from past one hour… thanks for the post, it’s really great.

    – Sohail
    http://iMobile.us, free mobile applications portal

  12. Ashley~~ Says:

    Aww, Poor Zero…
    But of course Yuuki would go for Kaname, she admired him for a long time.

  13. Alanna Says:

    In response to your wondering who the Vampire Knight is: did you catch what was said to Aidou when the Night Class is sitting around the fountain? Someone (one of the girls – I forget who) said to him that he acted like a knight. It was the only knight reference in the entire series, so that leads me to assume that the Vampire Knight is him.

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