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And Yet Again… December 29, 2008

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There are many things I should be thankful for this year and I just realized how blessed I was!

I finally kicked-off with my blogging having this account untouched for two years that was in 2006 (not a single word in here) and officially started to scribble things in  just last July.

Gaining readership wasn’t a bit easy and most of the time it was frustrating. But I just  held onto my determination and braced my self for the worst after all  I did this for myself and because I’m passionate about it.

Writing this editorial marks another milestone as we finally have reached a 100,000 play times!  Who would have thought this place has achieved so much? At least it has to me and it’s all thanks to you!

So much has happened and achieving all these before the end of the year feels so great not to mention that another post have been ranked among the WP’s Top 100 Posts!


12/30, 31...

Every backlinks, bookmarks and the positive ratings you all gave and the very nice comments you dropped me meant so much!  The emails of appreciations and the subscriptions, these are what every blogger dream of!

Should I have to mention this?… but also thanks to those people who are fond of copying my posts in whole or in part and didn’t even bother to credit me.  It’s funny but I’m flattered to see my post somewhere but what’s the use of CreativeCommons? But then again, I’d appreciate if you could do me a little favor linking them back here.

Ooopsie, I got a little carried away there! ^^;

On the lighter side, I have made friends, on and offline!  That, I consider the greatest part of this endeavor!  Aquitaine, Springbok, Quinn, Chan-chan are some few among the many! Oh no! I forgot Madi! Love you! ^^

Of course, how can I forget Ryvius whose music influenced me so much!  Check out his awesome covers for random anime tracks here: [ The World of Anime Music ]

Thanks for the early Christmas and New Year presents…the Era albums (a taste of French music) and the Yuki Kajiura DVD concert!  Waiii! I so love them!  Ahem, only a fellow worshipper and Yuki-holic knows! How I adore Kaori in this too!  Really thank you!!

And yet again…

Top Sites for Week 52/2008

Top Sites for Week 52/2008

2008 has been a wild ride, wohoo0!  ^o^


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  1. madi Says:

    I’m really glad that you’re doing great, congrats on the VKG entry as well, being in top 100 is not bad at all :>

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