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A Reason to Celebrate! December 27, 2008

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I can’t believe it!  One minute I was checking on my stats and the next thing I knew is that one of my posts made it to WordPress’  Top 100 posts for today!

Top Posts

The most popular WordPress.com posts are ranked here according to a special formula.

This way to the Top 100 Posts of the Day!

This way to the Top 100 Posts of the Day!

I still can’t get the hang of all these. We all know there are about 89 thousand and counting posts just today and it’s really such an honor for me to even get ranked in there among the pioneers in this line!

I wasn’t that particular with the rankings and I don’t even aspire to compete with those top bloggers who’ve been around for years as I do blogging for fun and not to mention that I’m nothing but a lowly newbie who only started this blog a few months ago.

This thing is so overwhelming and it inspires me even more to do my best. I don’t know if this was the first time ever but surely this is the first time I came across it.

So I’d like to brag a little though I really know it’s all thanks to everyone for having been supportive of me and my blogging. (Wow, I’m not in the Oscar’s yet! teehee!)  This is our victory! (eh, the drama?)

But seriously, I owe you this one people!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Cheers to all and I’ll keep doing my best!  This is so rewarding!


I just checked the rankings again and were inching slowly higher at No. 21 now!  Many posts may bump mine out of the Top 100 at anytime but I am so very happy right now, I don’t care!

P. S.

I’ve got 3 excellent positive ratings too over Blogged!

This is way too much! I possibly can’t thank you enough!


8 Responses to “A Reason to Celebrate!”

  1. Ryvius Says:

    Well congratulations!!
    It’s quite normal, it’s because you’re so awesome!!
    Anyway, I just noticed you added a new Era song! COOL

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Hee, thanks Ryvius! Yeah, that’s right I’m probably gonna put the best ones on random! :)

  3. Minnie Says:

    Congratulations! Looking at your blog, I wouldn’t have imagined it to be only a few months old. Really. Good job. ^_^

  4. Quinn Says:


  5. Sarah Says:

    yay good job :)

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