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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 31 December 26, 2008

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Looking back…

The first Student Council task had been effortless! Thanks to the ever energetic Daichi and Izumi, the Astronomy Club was saved!

This Chapter…

A yankee is always a yankee.  Who would have thought of making the student council lounge a sleeping lounge to the extent of openly robbing the library of its sofa?  Only Shinagawa does it!

But it seemed that he’s worked up for nothing as Adachi’s already had her’s first and now sleeps soundly on it!

Daichi’s drained of his energy that he needed help from Chiba to return the sofa from where it’s from.

While at it, they witnessed a club representative that was bullied by the 3rd years.  Chiba may look like a gangster but he’s too chickened out leaving only Daichi to intervene.  Maybe the other guy’s still in trauma because of what he has gone through in the earlier chapters.

Looked like the baseball club guy was used as a scapegoat to hoard funds from the SC for reasons unknown.  It might not be a good idea to report the incident to the teachers for it might risk their game and neither it is practical to give in to their demands and increase the club’s funds.

Shinagawa was so pumped up and wanted to teach those older guys a lesson for their untoward behavior and for the first time, Izumi might agree with his plan!

How would they do it without revealing their identity and compromise the Student Council, much less than letting Adachi Hana know about it?

Random Babblings…

It is really so cool of them to do things themselves and not let Adachi worry about it, especially Yankee-kun!

Admit it or not but he’s changed so much since Adachi came to pester his life!  He seemed more like a man to me than he was before and that’s so amazing!

Rivalry would always be there between him and Izumi but there also is a big room for friendship just like what happened between him and Hana.  He kept on disowning her and calls her annoying but he jumps almost instantly to her requests! ^^


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