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Yankee-kun To Megane-Chan: Chapter 30 December 26, 2008


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Looking back…

The five rascals made it to the Student Council!  With two elected Vice Presidents would the student body be alright?

This Chapter…

A new Student Council lounge greeted the new set of officers but it seemed more organized than the people who’re gonna use it! ~__*

For the first task, representatives for the different clubs were called to settle the concern about disbanding the Astronomy Club, the very reason why Hana decided to go for the SC.

But before that, there are things that needs taking care of such as drawing out a seat plan for the meeting of the clubs, some calculations regarding the finances of each clubs and setting up the room, chairs, tables and all ready for the meeting.

Shinagawa and Izumi both found this an opportunity to find out who’s gonna be under who, so this ended up into a competition with the most number of points be declared the winner.  But alas, they ended up in a tie!

In the process, they did the secretary’s and the treasurer’s job and even did things in a blink of an eye!  Everything’s amazingly ready far before the end of lunch break!

At the meeting, it seemed that there’s no hope for the Astronomy Club to continue and even Adachi was kinda speechless.  Shinagawa came to the rescue, his brilliance showed unknowingly and Izumi did butt in too.

They were so absorbed at bickering with each other that they haven’t noticed that they prevented the club in question from getting disbanded!  Hana was so glad and gives all credit to them both but they didn’t even mind!


How do I put this? Umm… I really am terrible, my post isn’t a bit funny at all!  TToTT

Anyways, leave it be.

Izumi and Shinagawa’s tandem sure is a riot!  And Adachi’s looking really good, she might really live up to her being a good class president and a council president now! *hehe*

Seemed like Chiba and Hemeji are kinda useless officers with them around!


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