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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 29 December 26, 2008


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Alright, I guess I’ve been looking forward to blog about Yankee-kun and Megane-chan’s misadventures.  I have been like this since the Fairy+Glass collab from senseis Hiro Mashima and Miki Yoshikawa!

I was so down-spirited to know  that the series has been going on and were up in most of the Chinese manhua sites to my dismay.

But hey, it’s finally inching forward (the English scanlations) so I’m really, really thankful that somebody’s heard me!  I’m so happy and was just saved from drooling over those Chinese releases of this masterpiece.  I love you Mahou-X, whoever you are, you made me so elated! \o/ Eh?


Adachi came up with a brilliant solution to solve the club problem since everyone were idling a bit.  Go for the Student Council!

Shinagawa found the idea ridiculous but upon knowing the glasses girl’s ulterior motive, he finally agreed to vie for Vice President! But wait, somebody’s going head-on against Adachi?  Will she have a chance for the presidency?

This Chapter…

Shinagawa finally met Adachi’s  mystery rival and for some weird reason his candidacy for president has some crooked motives too.  He wants to be number one in all aspects, intellectually and in notoriety?!

He boasts of his edge over Adachi academically and the last thing to take care of is Shinagawa as he’s reputed to be the most notorious in the academy and he’d like to take lead in that aspect too!  And the time to settle the scores is right now!

Megane-chan’s so busy coming up with posters  for the campaign.  Her drawing is so horrible and she even kept on misspelling Shinagawa’s name to Chiba’s horror but her classmates were so generous in praising her that she wanted to let the Yankee see her masterpiece  right away despite being in the men’s room!

Shinagawa wasn’t expecting this Izumi guy’s a match for him as he deflected his offenses.  He was almost done for if not for Adachi who shamelessly entered the toilet as she usually do and took care of the person blocking the yankees view of the poster she has made.

She sent Izumi her signature kick and was blocked! Shinagawa couldn’t believe somebody could ever do that but then Megane-chan’s not quite serious about it but she dropped her glasses and didn’t even care to know that she defeated the opponent!

Whatever, but the result is quite good.  Izumi dropped off of the presidential race and chose to run against Shinagawa for Vice President instead! The caucus is just too perfect, one of the best ever! (Hee!)

In short, they all made it to the Student Council!

Random Babblings…

I’m not really good at making zesty posts especially on topics which concerns about comedy but I love this one!  Gags are a snore to me except a few and it almost made me miss the last VK episode so I’m pissed!

I just realized, I am so hooked with Shinagawa-kun (didn’t know I’ve got that hots for yankees!) he’s so addicting…

But with the rate it is going and the fact that he couldn’t deny Adachi of her biddings, could it be that he has something special for her? ^o^


One Response to “Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 29”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love Yankee-kun to Megane-chan! It’s so addicting! =D

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