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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 50 December 26, 2008


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A slight touch on the tip of Nakbin’s hair caused an arrow flying through the air… and it was Hooye’s!

This Chapter…

Carrying on, Nakbin made Hooyee reluctantly apolozige to Habaek for his instinctively rude behavior.

Hooye seemed to know him and at the sound of his name, Nakbin went to him and confessed why she wasn’t afraid of him.  She said that it’s because beautiful gods like Habaek could never be evil.

Fool Habaek, he was enamoured by her even more that he sent one of his dragons with her to keep her safe within the forest bounds!

Suh Wang Mo as I suspected was greeted by the Emperor but in her very image!  The guy seemed to be expert in transformation magic that he even made his pass unnoticed into the Water Country.

Wang Mo wasn’t pleased at his flattery and said she wished to speak to the very face of the Emperor.  His request is too great to have him call her like that…to surrender Habaek to him!

Back at the Water Country, Mura greeted Habaek home and discovered that he didn’t go to the Imperial country as planned and instead he wandered about in the human world.

He didn’t heed her warnings of how troublesome could the humans be as he is determined to possess something which held his interest…Nakbin!


I’m really grateful to Kay-chan once again for the update!  I wouldn’t have found this earlier! :D

Remember Bi Ryeom, the god of the West-side forest?  It was the Emperor in disguise and I also suspect that Tae El Jin guy, it also might be him.  He’s so scheming for a god! Curse him!

What does he really want with Habaek? Does this have to do with the severed communication that followed between the water deity and his mother?  And Habaek’s curse?


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