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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 208 December 25, 2008

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Looking back…

The two Syaoran’s duel commenced with the vantage on the side of the clone!

This Chapter…

With half of Fai’s magic matched with the skills the Syaoran clone learned over time, the real Syaoran was on the edge!

His strength barely equals that of the clone and his sword went out of his grasp leaving him unarmed and at the mercy of the other!

Fai and Kurogane were in shock as the clone pointed his sword at the real Syaoran’s face and eventually stabbed his other self with no apprehensions!

All that Fei Wong Reed does is to enjoy the show!

The clone turned to Kurogane and Fai and uttered a spell which shook the ruins and sent them toppling underneath the debris hurt.

Again, he turned to Syaoran, grabbed his cloak, whispered something (?) and dragged him towards Fei Wong Reed’s direction!

Random Babblings…

Good heavens!  This chapter sure is heartbreaking! Poor Syaoran!

But why do I felt like the clone is just acting out in front of FWR?  Maybe he wasn’t a bad guy afterall and I really guess, the real Syaoran’s wound’s not that fatal.

Since they are but one and their motive is the same, could it be that there is a meeting of the minds in here?  Like, “Play dead and pounce on FWR on the spot should there be a chance and save Sakura quick!”

Haha, I’m so imagining things but I hope it would be something like that!  I am hanging by the thread in the hope that the clone we knew hasn’t changed a bit…


8 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 208”

  1. S Says:

    Hmm, i wonder what the Clone Syaoran whispered to the other syaoran

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      The scanlations are out no wonder coz there’s not much to translate anyways, but the clone said he must do what he should do and that might have something to do with Sakura. I was wondering what it is too should there be something like that indeed. :) Go cloney!

  2. Cony Says:

    OMG! I died with this chapter… I’m sure that the clone is pretending, he MUST be! Syaoran can’t be dead!!!
    I think that’s why the murder scene was not as clear as when Fye stabbed Sakura, it must have a meaning. Also the clone whispered something to Syaoran…just after we saw his eye glowing. ¿Coincidence?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Wow! Thank goodness, I wasn’t the only one to notice! TToTT

      No, I don’t think Syaoran (real) would be dead. That glint on the clone’s eye must signal something huge. You know you have to be very keen with CLAMP’s illustrations for they scatter lots and lots of clues somewhere! I hope we’re not mistaken about this!

      Way to go Cony! :D

  3. Chan-Chan Says:

    Hi Fairchild.. reading your post reminded me that I was behind by 3 chapters. Haha.. I just read the last 3 chapters. Awesome stuff.. it’s looks like TRC is ending real soon.
    In Chapter 207, R Syaoran asked C Syaoran if his Sakura’s wish did reach him.. I think that question might have an impact on C Syaoran.. hope it’s not my wishful thinking.. I think perhaps the whispering has something to do with that.

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Heya, Chan-chan! That might be another possibility, he must have realized something out of it and thought carefully of his moves.
      How I wish our speculations would be a snowball if ever. Though I’m eager to know the outcome of the story but I don’t want to end it yet… T~T

  4. witchtress Says:

    R! Syaoran can’t be dead! If C! Syaoran took him to FWR, he’s definitely still alive, meaning he still has some use left for FWR. The only question now is whose side C! Syaoran is on…

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