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Fairy Tail: Mirajane Teaches December 23, 2008


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Mirajane, Fairy Tail’s most in demand cover girl and magazine model.  She was formerly known as “The Demon” and a transformation mage.   An older sister to Elfman and a well respected mage of the guild because of her motherly image.

What happens when she teaches younger mages her magic?

An overview…

Lucy braced herself determined to take on any good paying  jobs at the guild and bagging the pageant so she must learn some new magic.

With her partner Natsu and Happy, didn’t get the specifics but had to train with Mirajane for the transformation magic lesson per se.

For starters, she copied Erza with most her ex-quips and even her ‘look of doom’ cowering Natsu behind Lucy’s back.

Natsu tried transforming into Lucy and he did it except that her bulges were peeking out from his vest and Happy too took his turn!

Poor Lucy, she’s been doomed! So much for Mirajane’s lessons!


This is probably Fairy Tail’s December special, a Christmas treat probably! No, just did a double check but it was published in the Magazine Special 1/10/2009 issue —  Just when when all thought were not gonna get any Fairy Tail chapter this week… yeah this sure is great!

Be sure to check this out!

I wish somebody would have to scanlate this.  It’s so hard to learn Chinese! :P

It’s scanlated! ^^


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