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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 12 December 22, 2008

Looking  back…

Zero and Ichiru’s reconciliation may come a bit later but at least and it even paved way for Zero to compose himself and execute what he needs to do.

This Episode…

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The Kuran Ancestor?

Rido & Yuuki

Morphing Zero

Episode 12 : The End of the World

Could it be the Kuran Ancestor?  But were shown Kaname among the throng of people and with such a long hair.  This led into the flashback when he and Yuuki were still kids.

Yuuki felt responsible for the things Rido has been doing in the academy and decided to let herself in the open and fight him for she’s the target afterall.  The Night Class people backed her up despite the risky decision she had made.

Because of the turn out of events, vampires keep rushing into the academy and they’re too many to handle that even the skilled vampire hunter Yagari was a bit scathed.  Kaien jumped in to the rescue and tore off the academy’s crest to block off the approaching sea of vampires.

It was quite emotional with the Yuuki and Kaien scene when he asked Yuuki not to call him Chairman but father do suffice.  It was an inspiration before going off to a fight.

Rido managed to seize Yuuki and was about to rob her of her powers running in her blood when Yuuki’s Artemis powered up and turned into a scythe.  It injured Rido.  It is unfortunate though that  Rido’s much powerful than all of their powers combined seizing Yuuki once again.

But Zero appeared and fired the Bloody Rose at the perpetrator.  Yuuki had been freed from Rido’s grasp but he was unaffected by the bullets that hit him.

Kaname went to the Vampire Council’s territory vanishing everyone he met along the way.  When he finally targeted Ichiou, Takuma asked him to do the favor in his stead.  He ended up challenging the old man and there goes the end of the Council I suppose.  I hope Ichijou didn’t die as well.

Zero has been feeling terrible with his left hand tending to have some morphing on it.  Unable to stand the scene and at Zero’s request, Yuuki came running towards him and tried to cut the part of his arm where the grotesque bulge could be found.

Rido just laughed himself out but it was another story when Zero picked the Bloody Rose from the ground.  A strong wave of light emanated from it to everyone’s surprise which caused them to fall back squinting.

Kaname returns to the academy and met Kaien along the way and together they saw that strange light nearby….  the thing from the Bloody Rose.

Random Babblings…

Argh! I didn’t get to screencap even a single scene I really forgot!  Damn me and I didn’t even got to see the very first scene of the episode.

Blame that gag show of some sort before VK, it made me feel sleepy! :(

Anyways, haven’t seen Zero’s vines yet.  The morphing hand of his seemed like a lobster claw to me.

I know everyone’s having a hang over still with the latest manga *tehee* the fun’s nowhere closer.


6 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 12”

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  2. Rukia Says:

    Thanks, lovely article.

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  4. dibusek Says:

    LOL. finally seen Kuran Kaname’s old self back then. he was even more handsome in longer hair (and more mature) figure! XD

    but I still prefer the manga version of Yuuki. :(
    why they made Yuuki in VKG 12 so weak like that. doh! X(

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Yeah I agree, ‘just love Kaname! ‘Bout Yuuki, I came to like her character even better in the manga too.

      We probably can’t blame the animators whatever since they have to rush things up which results into poor quality animation. :( The Kuran kids should look really cute too but we’re deprived of that part and oh so many! :((

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