Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Spoiler: TRC 208 December 22, 2008

Spoilers this way!

Spoilers this way!

This chapter looks promising as it was the last time.

Here, I copied the exact Japanese text from a Chinese forum site? ^^;


It’s crazy, I don’t understand the thought at all but I’m gonna try deciphering though.

It’s something like this…

The clone stashed the real one into a sharp tube for rice testing (?)  While Kurogane and Fai were blown away by something the clone mumbled and the real Syaoran ended up in Fei Wong Reed’s direction.


Whoah! What exactly is that tube?  What is that thing doing in the ruins? I might be mistaken.  =.= But google translations are even worst!

I suppose the mumbling thing was a kind of spell? The clone must be using Fai’s magic to the extreme.  So, looks like the real Syaoran is really no match for him?

Fai and Kurogane, could they even last the fight?  Remember this is only the clone’s power were talking about and we haven’t seen a bit of FWR’s yet.

This might be a 50-50 chance if ever, a do or die for that matter…


I tried using Babelfish to translate the Japanese text as if it was Chinese and this is what I got, not everything was converted though…

The false Syaoran stabs the real Syaoran and Kurogane and Fai were also struck down.

It seems that the sharp tube for rice testing refers to a puncturing material sort of.

Also check out this Jap blog post with a much detailed [ TRC 208 ] on it.

Still can’t find scans! TT~TT


7 Responses to “Spoiler: TRC 208”

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  2. ggctuk Says:

    Well, it could even be possible that the Clone is more powerful than FWR! R!Syaoran was second only to FWR according to Yuuko (or was that Clow?). With all that power, there could be the possibility of the Clone turning on his former ‘master’.

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I can’t remember that part which says the real Syaoran’s second only to FWR power-wise but I did remember that evil guy is no match for Clow himself.

    Sure that the clone’s getting stronger everytime and the possibility of him turning against FWR is not far from happening. Maybe he’ll come to realize that he’s fighting no one but himself and who the real enemy is. Afterall, the two Syaorans are fighting for each their Sakuras.

  4. S Says:

    the real syaoran gets stabbed ?!
    noooo ! :(
    so how is this going to affect watunaki ?

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yes, I’ve seen some other related quick summaries and they too have the same impression of it. Poor Syaoran! :..(

  6. S Says:

    so if he DOES get stab
    what happens to watunaki

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