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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 49 December 22, 2008


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It was the first time Habaek met a girl who less fear gods.

Nakbin, is she even human?’

This Chapter…

Having found the girl in such  a dangerous forest, Habaek asked her and told that she was waiting for Hooye.

Who’s Hooyee in Nakbin’s life?

I already mentioned this in the last post that she dared Habaek to show her proof that he’s a  real god.

(I’m in a real mess right now, sorry.)

He bothered to flirt with her a bit by touching the ends of her long hair while asking her if she’s not afraid of him.

Then an arrow came wheezing through the air from nowhere to Habaek’s direction and he managed to dodge it.

There appeared  Hooye  who bid him to get away from the girl.

Nakbin came running to him and submitted herself in Hooye’s arms to the Water God’s surprise! It was even before he could bestow befitting punishment on the rude guy.

Random Babblings…

We’re inching closer to unveil many secrets that this novel holds.

Are we not wondering what kind of special bond Hooye and Nakbin shares?

If Nakbin’s a human does  that mean Hooye’s too?


6 Responses to “Bride of the Water God: Chapter 49”

  1. Layoenc Says:

    Thank u for uploading the chapters!u made my day sooooo great!i’ve been waiting em for weeks!

  2. kay Says:

    i love habaek’s hair..
    nwy theyre siblings right?hooye and nakbin?

  3. kay Says:

    50 is out

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